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Kandi for sale in Australia!

Hey I'm Bruce/Leo! I make kandi (mostly singles) and sell them on etsy. I ship inside of Australia only. Please support me (an autistic trans individual) by buying a bracelet!


AsteroidBeads on Etsy

Hi! I'm Millie and I sell kandi!! I mostly sell custom kandi! I try my best to keep it affordable and cheap! Don't be afraid to message me on Etsy for some custom kandi!



Hello Muffins! I sell made to order kandis in your size in my etsy store! I also do customs.



Lots of premade and custom options to choose from! Buy kandi masks, cuffs, singles & anything you can think of!



Custom Kandi mostly, New listings coming soon! !! International shipping:) !!


The Kandi Bazaar

I am a granny and really love making awesome kandi for all of you. When you need a custom design please just contact me on or @thekandibazaar on Instagram. or on Where you are at right now. I started making beaded charms also like Elmo's face or the Marsh Mello man using mini pony beads. I use the mini pony beads so they don't break as easy as Perler's seem to break so easily. IF you have been dreaming about a cuff or charm and just can't seem to get it together or simply don't have time to create the design and put it together that's is where I come in... let me do it for you.


Kandies World | Unique kandi beads, perlers, and kandi supplies

Kandies World wants to give you the opportunity to be unique and colorful. We are proud to offer a wide variety of dope kandi beads and perlers to create awesome Kandi bracelets like never before! Our online store also has kandi gear such as kandi bras, kandi cuffs and kandi masks. Show your colors!


Kandi 4 sale! CHEAP EASY AFFORDABLE! Requests? Email

With college on the horizon, I have decided that I must sell some of my rather large kandi collection in order to relieve the financial burden that college will be for my single mother. I am currently selling some cuffs, singles, and 3D's. More creations and 3D cuffs coming soon!



3D Kandi Cuffs for Sale on Etsy


Kryptic Korpses Kandi

Custom kandi seller. Can make anything you'd like, but feel free to browse through the items in the shop already! Message me on that page if you have any questions!