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Okay, so I've fallen on rough times & I finally found something that I love to do (making kandi) ! So I would LOVE to be able to make a little money from it, even if it's just enough to buy more supplies:]. I make backpacks, masks, bikinis, & I'm always trying to learn something new, so I'll have more over time. I have literally run out of EVERYTHING & don't have any money to buy anything else, but I have big plans for my kandi-making ventures & would love to be able to do it. Even if you can't buy anything, check out my etsy & if you like it, share with your fellow ravers:]. It would mean the WORLD to me:].


Sweet As Kandi!

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and this is my Etsy shop! I make a lot of different things like kandi cuffs, singles, bows, etc! I like to focus on popular characters such as Pokemon characters, Hello Kitty, Carebears, etc! I have combined shipping on everything, and all my items are all reasonably priced! I also take custom order ideas! Please take a look, you might find something you like! (:


Barfbiscuit on Etsy

This is my etsy where I sell the kandi that I make. I take requests and also have another site with more of my kandi- - If you would like to request kandi, message me on etsy or email me at Have fun visiting my esty!


Kandi Love

I am selling some bikinis and visors and other items on my etsy shop right now, there is a sale going on to try and get rid of my items, use the coupon code "SALE2013" and take 30% off your order.


Little Kandi Raver

buy kandi email link to email me on the site send me a pattern you want, I'll give you a price, and I mail it to you! (paypal required)



This is my etsy shop! I make kandi singles, and I make Kandi Cuffs, etc. I take custom order requests as well! send em my way! Shipping is only 1-2$ depending on the item, no higher than that! Come and check out Ninja Parade!


KandiQueen Boutique!

I make kandi custom-to-order! From character/image cuffs (Cheshire Cat, Pacman, Skrillex logo, Knife Party logo, etc) to traditional cuffs (3D, disk, cage, UFO, etc) to headbands, armbands, bandanas, belts, necklaces, masks, and bikini tops. Check me out on Facebook at, or even add me as a friend :) And follow me on Twitter @Shop_KandiQueen, I follow back all ravers and kandikids :) plur! <3


BlaqueOut Kandi

The name's Greg Blackey & for those who aren’t raging hard in the E.D.M. (electric dance music) world & r confused about the purpose of Kandi & this page, this is what it’s all about, I can make you the sickest and most reliable Kandi: cuffs, necklaces, pendants, masks, bikinis, bags, & more dope rave gear out of pony beads. This page has it all for U, from Kandi tutorials, Kandi ideas, pix., & links, to premade gear that u can order for u & ur <3ed 1s. Also, send in ur Ideas & requests! They r more than welcome. I consider em’ a challenge & I’ll gladly hook u up w/ ur favorite Kandi so u can show it off at ur next event!


Kandi Paradise

new kandi all the time!


Mary101's Kandi