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Kandi 4 sale! CHEAP EASY AFFORDABLE! Requests? Email

With college on the horizon, I have decided that I must sell some of my rather large kandi collection in order to relieve the financial burden that college will be for my single mother. I am currently selling some cuffs, singles, and 3D's. More creations and 3D cuffs coming soon!


Kryptic Korpses Kandi

Custom kandi seller. Can make anything you'd like, but feel free to browse through the items in the shop already! Message me on that page if you have any questions!


Kandi in Las Vegas!

Like everyone else on here I love making kandi. I want to make 100 different kandi before Las Vegas E.D.C. I'm going to hand out all of them on the strip if I can reach my go fund me goal. Please help me get to my goal. Thank you.


Kandies World | Unique kandi beads, perlers, and kandi supplies

Kandies World wants to give you the opportunity to be unique and colorful. We are proud to offer a wide variety of dope kandi beads and perlers to create awesome Kandi bracelets like never before! Our online store also has kandi gear such as kandi bras, kandi cuffs and kandi masks. Show your colors!



3D Kandi Cuffs for Sale on Etsy



affordable kandi at a low price! high quality !amazing for raves or other events! kandi collars well be uploaded soon right now i have cuffs and more !!


Pot Leaf Kandi Mask!

Pot Leaf Kandi Mask, check it out!


Join the Kandi and Rave culture movement

Join the kandi movement you can follow my blog, twitter, like my fb page, and follow my tumblr and buy my kandi at my etsy shop all of the my website pages are under 1 name which is KandiUtopia or Kandi Utopia and if you buy now you can instantly get 10% off with the coupon code KANDIUTOPIADISCOUNT and I can also do custom orders please message me


RivetGiRL Falls

Kandi accessories, cyberlox/hairfalls + more! All my kandi masks are made with metal D-rings attached so you can adjust it for the most secure and comfortable fit against your face. NO BEADS BEHIND YOUR EARS!! Custom orders are welcomed!


KrypticKorpse Kandi Kreations

I offer custom orders on what I have listed. Please make sure to check the details of the listed item and message me if you want custom or random(if item states) I make sure to have communication with all my customers to ensure they are happy with what they're getting. Make sure to be specific when ordering a custom item so I know what I'm making you.