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Kassie's Kandi!

Come check out my store and see if you like anything!! :) I can do custom orders! :) I have things from simple cuffs, 3d cuffs, kandi beanies, kandi dream catchers, peyote stitch, perler beads, mask, tie, flower headband! Come check out my store! :) if you want a custom order then send me an email or message me! :) Thanks! :)



Like it on Facebook! Instagram? @kandikiditup I make them fast and cheap. Questions? Ask me on Facebook! kik: jami_jailbait Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.


Kandi Cuffs and More ! ** <3 ** Over 4,900 Likes On Facebook ** <3 **

<3 <3 <3 <3 Free Kandi GiveAways and Contests <3 <3 <3 <3!!! FREE 2-DAY TICKET GIVEAWAY TO TRAMPS LIKE US ON OUR PAGE RIGHT NOW!! We create custom kandi! kandi bowties, ties, kandi cuffs, kandi bracelets, kandi necklaces, kandi masks, kandi bras, kandi sunglasses, kandi suspenders, kandi half- faced masks, fuse bead necklaces, fuse bead bracelets, EL Wire 3D Kandi Cuffs, and 3D kandi cuffs. Want your own custom kandi? Just email us.



This is my etsy shop. Here you will find kandi cuffs, necklaces, singles, masks, ties, dream catchers and even cyber goggles!!! Everything can be customized!! Please check it out. :D <3


A Sidewalk Finding

Hello everyone. This is my Etsy shop. Mostly, I sell beaded jewelry, but I am currently working on other items, such as beaded Bic lighter cases. I offer coupon codes on a monthly basis. You can also visit me on my shop Facebook page, blog, or personal Facebook page.

Shop Facebook:
Beading Blog:
Personal Facebook:


Omnicatbus Creations/ Blue Moose

MOVING SALE! All prices have been cut! Shop newly updated, designed, and prices have been cut! At least 80% of sales are going to my friend's mother's cancer expenses. I figure this is a good way to help out. :3

I offer low priced, affordable kandi. You'll find a wide variety of styles ranging from your everyday single to things like 3D cuffs, masks, peyote creations, and more. I even do custom orders for just about anything. A few example of custom orders are headphones, gas masks, goggles, fluffies, tails, hair falls, and all sorts of other rave gear. So, if you'd like, please come and take a look at my shop, Omnicatbus Sales. c: Lastly, email me at omnicatbus(at) and I'll send you a coupon code for my shop. :D



This is my etsy shop! I sell cheap kandi made with love <3 I sell anything on my page on here too <3 PLUR


Cheap Kandi

I sell a variety of different kandi stuff, including kandi cuffs. I try to set a pretty cheap price on all my Kandi stuff so if your interested give my etsy shop a look and see if you like what you see please :) If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions feel free to message me on Etsy :)


*Kreative Kandi*

We sell tons of kandi! Cuffs, 3D cuffs, masks, gas masks, necklaces, accessories, plushies, hair pieces, we make it all! We also take requests! Can't make something? Order it from us! We also do lots of GIVE-AWAYS! If you want it professionally made, look no further! We ship everywhere! NO Paypal required. Come check us out! :)


You guys, I never do this... but I really need some help.

I'm really struggling right now to make ends meet. I just recently lost my job, my house, and my car finally bit the dust. I'm in need of some cash to make ends meet, so I'm taking custom requests for kandi cuffs as well as perler bead items.

I make 100% original pieces, that are nothing short of awesome. I don't follow or use patterns, so each and every one of my cuffs is one of a kind! Also, I can make basically anything out of perler beads and usually turn them into necklaces

If you're willing to help me out, PLEASE let me know <3 I'll even throw in some extra gifts to show how much I appreciate it.

I have a lot of pictures of my work on here, so please view my profile if you're interested. I can be contacted on here, or on my etsy account: PLURtonic Creations