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Kandi clothing and accessories!


Kandi Love (new)

I make and sell kandi bikini's, backpacks, visors, bags, belts, and water bottle covers. I can make custom orders as well so check me out.


Kool Kandi Kreations

I have lots of kandi that you can design your own! Check us out to see what all we have. Who knows maybe you'll find something that you like! Check out our Facebook page too ( love you guys!


Phoenix Kandi

You can purchase a Kandi Bikini, either pre-made, or you can request a custom order. I'm going to be adding on more items as time goes by, like belts and water bottle holders and maybe even suspenders. So check out my shop and hopefully you'll see something you like =^.^=


Kraft Kreations <3

Pre-made and custom orders, also along with other great items. Come check it out! :3


Panda's Kandi Store

Come Check Out My Site All Info Is On Page :) <333 low prices and trades are accepted


Hard Kandi by Reagan Rampage(:

I have low priced Kandi for sale, I can do custom bracelets and kandi items too(: I need some extra cash for a new phone. Like this page, and you can message me any questions you may have(:


Safe & Fast kandi

really good price and free shipping..dont miss out


Buy Some Kandi?c:

I'll make bracelets or you can just buy them pre-made. Aha, Ill make pretty much anything. My site is quite new but ill update many o'times. I'll attempt anything, just try me. c; Send me an email or send me a message on here. I'll be happy to help. ^~^


Kreative Kandi

You can order custom or order Pre-made kandi's and they're really cheap prices for great kandi's! Singles, Peyote/peyote cuffs, Perlers, Cuffs, & Necklaces This is the FIRST Kreative Kandi and the other one on here has no connection with me. they only took the name.