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Becky's Beads and More

Custom and made to order cuffs, perler earrings and necklaces, and much more!


Kandirosee Kandi Shop

Kandi masks, cuffs and 3Ds!


Omnicatbus Creations/ Blue Moose

All prices have been cut!

The old store was hacked and deleted. So, I had to pretty much start from the beginning. I'm in the process of relisting everything along with a whole bunch of new stuff.
Shop newly updated, designed, and prices have been cut! At least 80% of sales are going to my friend's mother's cancer expenses. I figure this is a good way to help out. :3

I offer low priced, affordable kandi. You'll find a wide variety of styles ranging from your everyday single to things like 3D cuffs, masks, peyote creations, and more. I even do custom orders for just about anything. A few example of custom orders are headphones, gas masks, goggles, fluffies, tails, hair falls, and all sorts of other rave gear. So, if you'd like, please come and take a look at my shop, Omnicatbus Sales. c: Lastly, email me at omnicatbus(at) and I'll send you a coupon code for my shop. :D


Kandi Cuffs and Masks

My ebay account where I sell kandi cuffs and kandi masks that I make. I also take requests if you have any!


Handmade Kandi for Sale!

Cuffs, Singles, Necklaces and Lighter holders. Perlers and more. All prices are negotiable when buying multiple pieces. Check it out, or leave us a suggestion if you think we need anything. Custom pieces are greatly accepted. We will make sure you get exactly what you want.


Inexpensive, Quality made Kandi handmade by me!

Custom made and premade kandi that is sure to be remembered. We offer quality and creativity. All prices are double checked to be lower than most! Make sure to check us out and remember Kandi From Nova when you need a nice piece!


Pot Leaf Kandi Mask!

Pot Leaf Kandi Mask, check it out!


Plurplexxed Kandi

I currently have plurpackages with singles with toys and charms on them for the grand opening of my store. Hope you can come and check it out! :) More added soon!


C.T. Kandi and Trinkets

Everything is on SALE for 25-50% OFF! Nothing is over $15. this sale will be ending on August 13th. we sell cuff,headbands, masks, plushies,posters, magnets, keychains, necklaces, toys, and more! So don't be afraid to drop on by! USE THE CODE SPS15 at check out for an extra 15% off!


I'm selling ALL my KANDI, BEADS, TUTUS

I really need money for college... plus I got big plans. I really need the money loves :(