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Kand Gas masks and light up kandi

For those looking to get a gas mask or somthing kandi that lights up just check out my store. see somthing u like but want a dif color or what not i can make a custom. thanx ^.^


Sammie's Kandii

Im trying to earn some cash by making and selling kandi. They can be customized and requests are available


So*Cal Kandi Land <33

All new updated website and products! I need some help paying bills and such so I would love to make cute things for all of you ravers or kandi kids out there! I can pretty much make anything. I even have a new custom order page so you can send me a pattern or an idea and I can make it for you :) All of the money goes to a good cause so please visit my site :) <3


Bambi's kandi made some much needed price cuts!

Now no kandi is over $10 and we have special discount sales everyweek available for people who follow us on twitter (@bambiskandi) or like our facebook page!I make and sell every bracelet, custom. I very rarely have up premade cuffs or anything, as of right now I have one premade decepticon cuff up for sale, some giant hairbows, and some unused tapers. Please buy from us or help get the word out. <3 If you want something that isn't up on the website, send a suggestion to our facebook page, Use Facebook or emails for requests on products and/or patterns or themes.



i made all these tings. i have a partner. her and i sell and trade these thing please contact us email and # on page 5. i would love to take 1 of your requstes. you can also send me a requst on kandipatterns. just send me a message and ill get back 2 u


Phoenix Kandi

You can purchase a Kandi Bikini, either pre-made, or you can request a custom order. I'm going to be adding on more items as time goes by, like belts and water bottle holders and maybe even suspenders. So check out my shop and hopefully you'll see something you like =^.^=


Kandi Wonderland

Hello Everyone! If you like not just borning kandi bracelets, but FUN and HAPPY kandi, you should check out my store, of lots of different types of kandi making.


We <3 Kandi

We make Diffrent Kandi Items And Sell Them. We Also Take Requests!


kandi 4 you

We make all different things for you to love. The best part of the site is that you can customize pretty much everything! check us out, you wont regret it! :) also like us on Facebook :)


Sugar Coated-Kandi-Shop

We Are Sugar Coated Kandi Shop! Where Extremely New, And Looking To Sell Alot Of Kandi! Check Us Out<3 :3