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BlaqueOut Kandi

The name's Greg Blackey & for those who aren’t raging hard in the E.D.M. (electric dance music) world & r confused about the purpose of Kandi & this page, this is what it’s all about, I can make you the sickest and most reliable Kandi: cuffs, necklaces, pendants, masks, bikinis, bags, & more dope rave gear out of pony beads. This page has it all for U, from Kandi tutorials, Kandi ideas, pix., & links, to premade gear that u can order for u & ur <3ed 1s. Also, send in ur Ideas & requests! They r more than welcome. I consider em’ a challenge & I’ll gladly hook u up w/ ur favorite Kandi so u can show it off at ur next event!


Kandi Paradise

new kandi all the time!


Mary101's Kandi


The Geeky Bunny

Cute hand made kandi bracelets, hair accessories, pins, and much more for the raver, geek, and weirdo in everyone. Everything is made by hand and made to order. I also do custom pieces! Just shoot me an email with as much detail as possible.I also make tutus and yarn falls. I have the lowest prices around ;>


PLURtonic Creations - custom kandi, jewelry, and more!

I own a business called "PLURtonic Creations."
- Perler Bead Jewelry/Accessories.
- Kandi (upon request, I only make custom pieces!)
- Hemp Jewelry.
- Clay Beads.
- +more!

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Examples of my work (kandi):

More examples:
If you want more example photos, just message me! I'm super crafty, and can make most anything!


I make and sell any kandi you want!

I will make and sell you whatever kandi you want. I can give you custom made anything. If yo have a design that you want me to do for you, or customize it just send me a link. I can do basically everything. Some things may take more time, and the prices will vary. But I just want to sell amazing kandi to all you wonderful kandi kids! :) <3



The link is a link to my profile. Just message me if you want to buy a anything Kandi!! You can have your name or a certain characters or anything on it! You could even go to the Pattern Maker and send me a link to your pattern and I will make it and sell it to you!:D I will make absolutely anything! You can buy cuffs to bikinis to hair accessories or any type of clothes item, or jewelry, literatly ANYTHING! and you can customize it all! If you dont want to make one in the pattern maker than you can just tell me how you want it and I will make it and send you a link and ask if its ok, I will remake it as many times until you are satisfied!!!:3



I am going to be selling kandi. Any kind of kandi you want, it can be a simple single or it can be a huge peyote stich poster. Whatever you want, it can say and have anything on it. In my about me will be the prices. If you don't want to buy anything then we can trade. Message me for any other questions and concerns.


FiolettaKK Stores

If you like to look at different types of pretty kandi, than please come visit my page on facebook. It would also be very supportive of you if you like it. Thank you


Misfit Creations

I Make Single Kandi Bracelets , Some Cuffs And Peler bead charms dirt cheap