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I catch feelings to easily help me,,,, but also rain-- it makes my brain go brr :)

Tuesday May 4, 2021, 8:21 AM




Last online: 4-24-2021 11:20am
  • Gender: arm warmers, but also very colorful beads (he/they/it...etc etc.(pronouny: bxngtxn_uwu))
  • Im Inside A Tiny Box
  • https://weewoobonk.carrd.co/
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hello ! :D welcome to,, uh- my page ^^ I'm pretty new here and don't interact with the website much ;;

I'm experimenting with the name Axel as my main on here, as well as using he/they/it pronouns! I'm experimenting with neos so when I find one I like ill put it in my pronouns section, and possibly here if they don't fit lol :)

***(Pronouny: bxngtxn_uwu)***

I'm not very good at communicating directly, so if you wanna be friends you can just add me/ask^^

I'm a confused blob of slime wandering through space, trying to figure out my gender and sexuality;;

I hoard pronouns lol

I like kandi, kpop, n Sanders Sides/ Thomas Sanders ^^

I just rlly want a cat,,, maybe a calico cat or a black cat? they're so cool n pretty,,,aaaa


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