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it's a good thing i played all that assassin's creed!!

Tuesday Feb 9, 2021, 9:09 PM




Last online: 2-01-2021 9:10pm
  • Gender: who knows? (he/they/xe/nya/pup)
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia
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hiiii!!!! my namez excel, i'm 14 and use the pronouns he/they/xe/nya/pup! im new to making kandi but i've been making perler/hama beads for some time!! my interests consist of... homestuck, 70s-80s manga, sanrio and internet culture in general (i LOVE FLASH GAMEZ,,, ( ♡ ͜ʖ ♡).. so im on newgrounds a lot lol! mai fav bandz r ELO, MSI, ICP and daft punk (oh my god i swear im not doing the acronym thing on purpose).

i don't take kinning that seriously but i find it very comforting! my highest kin is john egbert, followed by dirk strider and nepeta leijon (all from homestuck... i need new interests.)

i can be pretty shy but am rlly happy to make friends :P ... (youre probably here cause i friend requested you.. hi :3)


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