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when you die your ass leaves your body

Friday Apr 30, 2021, 7:37 PM




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hi! my name's james, but you can also call me excel! i'm 14 years old, and am a bisexual trans guy. i've struggled a lot with gender in the past, but currently go by he/xe pronouns!

i like lots of things! i've been very into homestuck since august and love it. other things i like include south park (however, im not involved with the fandom) invader zim, zhuzhu pets and the metal gear series! i LOVE flash animation and games, and im on the site newgrounds a lot! i'm a fan of everyone from sleepycabin (especially spazkid) and like egoraptor too(rip his animations), i also watch game grumps! ^_^

bands and music... i like ELO, ICP, daft punk, sick animation and many others!

when it comes to kinning, john egbert is a high kin and a big comfort! i also kin dirk and nepeta (from homestuck... i need more interests hehe ><)

i'm a shy idiot most of the time but i'm super happy to make friends! (you're probably here cause i friend requested you! hey shawty.)


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