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"Rock and roll exorcism dude!"

Friday Aug 12, 2022, 2:40 PM




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  • Gender: Genderfluid (she/her/he/him/they/them)
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Hellooooo my name is gage :) im a MINOR so don't be a creep my dude, im pan and genderfluid and OH MY GOD THE GENDER ENVY RAY TORO GIVES ME IS UNREAL-

here's a list of stuff im interested in :)

*Bands: MCR, FOB, Paramore, PTV, BVB, P!ATD (i don't support brendon before yall start barking at me but dang their first two albums were MASTERPIECES), AFI, The Used, and a lot more that im forgetting

*Shows (including anime and cartoons): Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretear, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, Making Fiends (if you know this show you are amazing PLEASE talk to me), Arthur, Wordgirl, PPG, Johnny Bravo, Drake and Josh, NBB, Full House, literally so much more

*Games: Smash bros, mario, starfy, style savvy, animal crossing, project diva (not project sekai tho), project mirai, just about any nintendo tbh, kingdom hearts, papa louie franchise (wally my beloved)

*Other things: Drawing, cooking, kandi, painting, probably more im forgetting, vocaloid, sanrio, cd/vinyl collecting, funko pop collecting, etc.

DNI IF: you are ableist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, support problematic people, and just if you're a mean person in general


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