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theme of love - final fantasy iv

Sunday Sep 19, 2021, 9:44 PM




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hello there!! i hope y'all are having a good day/night!! my name is kirby! i am a minor!! i am also agender and panromantic asexual :D

i enjoy listening to vocaloid, k-pop, dubstep, and heavy metal! specifically shinee, ateez, babymetal, and set it off!

i also really like animes/cartoons like gakuen babysitters, mob psycho 100, saiki k, one punch man, bananya, gravity falls, and bluey!

i play games like taiko no tatsujin, groove coaster wai wai party, zelda, arcaea, animal crossing, ace attorney, undertale, and pokemon!

i'm always free to chat :D <3

discord: iconstantlytired#0959 --- i don't use it too much :(

my status is a music/song recc!!! usually whatever im listening to a lot :))

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Rotating Trio :D
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