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not enough time in the day to post pics of all my kandi orz

Tuesday Aug 3, 2021, 2:20 PM




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my name is kc. 21, it/its pronouns :) shy kandi kid from the emo side of the family. i love making kandi for my friends and i also have an etsy store!

i'm the host of a DID system of 5, but my alters don't use this site because none of them know how to make kandi lol

message me to request a pattern!!! or just to be friends!

feel free to use/edit my patterns!

**I AM NOT A DSMP FAN!!!!! my ranboo pattern was something i drew up for a commission & i did not expect it to be accepted!**

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Bunny Hat Charm
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Homestuck Logo Mask
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Supermega Poster
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Pentagram Gas Mask!
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My Melody Mask
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One-x Kandi Cuff X3
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