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so very amazing and trans of the gender

Sunday May 8, 2022, 3:09 PM




Last online: 5-21-2022 7:18am
  • Gender: so very trans of gender (they/them)
  • Trying To Find My Place In The Diary Of Jane
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Vampire - unknown gender - minor

DID system, bodily adult

really gay though I don't know in what way

been making kandi for over a year now

obsessed with tlt and breathe carolina

bad memory haver - super epic gay b*tch - will platonically send you memes I find if you ask

If you reply to me please send a message with the link to what you replied to, sometimes the notifications don't work.

to do:

TLT skull melty beads ✔

be gay ✔

TLT skull 3d cuff with the melty beads (i will do this soon methinks

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First Time Ladder Stitch!
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  • 5


Little Mushroom Charm
  • 201
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Tiny Gir By @Betelgeuse
  • 229
  • 1


Little Mushrooms!
  • 298
  • 0


Patch-style Bag!
  • 301
  • 7


Small 3D Cuff
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