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"why cant you be a dick, why must you be so nice. its hard for me to move on when i dont really hate you"

Wednesday Jan 12, 2022, 11:18 AM




Last online: 1-18-2022 7:42am
  • Gender: Non-Binary (They/It/Bee/He)
  • Ur Moms House, Denial , L'manburg
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Yo im Ace/Solar! Im 14 and I use They/It/Bee/He pronouns! Be nice to me, im a baby-

Fandoms; Danganronpa, MCYTs, Sally Face, Little Misfortune, Fran Bow, Pokemon, Happy Tree Friends, Vocaloid/UTAU, Sander Sides, Heathers, Kindergarten, Etc.

Kins: Peko (DR2), Sal (Sally Face), Sayori (DDLC), Himiko (DR3), Defoko (UTAU), C!Tubbo (DSMP), Logan (Sander Sides), Komi (KCC), etc.

Music: FIR!!!!! PTV, BMTH, All Time, Low, SWS, Crown the Empire, Melaine Martinez, Tonight Alive, Paramore, ISMFOF, Asking Alexandra, Attila, S3LR, LoveJoy, Poppy, 3OH!3, Hollywood Undead, Ashnikko, Marina and The Diamonds, Green Day, MCR, Set It Off, ICP, Thomas Sanders, MSI, etc.

My Regression: I regress to the ages of 1-5 (sometimes older) but im non verbal when 1-2. Im only open online and to my irl friends about my regression and keep my stuff hidden. I do have cgs and i love them very much. I happy stim alot when regressed so if you see me stimming alot im either starting to regress or im very deep into my regression. My regressions positive triggers are Dantdm, Stampy, and Vocaloid! My regressions negative triggers are fighting/arguing, gu/\/$h0ts, and fireworks

<3- 2/15/08 -<3-1/10/22-<3

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