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sorry i havent been active! i havent made new kandi in a while bc im low on beads :c

Tuesday Dec 6, 2022, 9:11 PM




Last online: 12-07-2022 1:08pm

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I'm Vincent, however you can refer to me as Vinnie. :)

As for pronouns- use whatever u think fits me— most people have their pronouns with what they’re comfy with, but my pronouns can be used with whatever YOU are comfy with he/she/they, neopronouns, etc… just use whatever you’d like to ^^

I’m cool with anything and everything /gen

-- NOTE --

I don't tend to use tone tags or put a trigger warning on things like caps. However if you would like me to do so when talking to you, please let me know! Also- tone tags aren't necessary when talking to me, and i don't tend to use them unless I'm making a joke that could be hard to understand, etc-- but, if you normally use tone tags when you're talking to ppl, go ahead, do whatever ur comfy with :) Also please let me know if i should use tone tags when I talk 2 you-- just a simple "hey plz use tonetags with me" works!!

-- END NOTE --

I'm open to making friends so if you wanna chat go ahead!!I'm in a good many fandoms, as of right now it's mainly FNAF, South Park, Cuphead, Demon Slayer, and Ninjago

My fav color is purple and I like cats!!

I want to say I've been making kandi for about two years. I love the 2000s scene/emo aesthetic, and overall beads are just so fun and satisfying to make.


I'm in the age group of 12-15, plz let me know if ur uncomfy interacting with that age group.

I have a dog, uh, idk what else to put.

Also my b-day is February 26th, I'm a Pisces lol~~

I enjoy helping people so, I guess if you need some somewhat solid advice or some tips on perler beads, hmu!! Obviously I'm not an expert but it's fun to help ppl :))


I love doing art digitally and traditionally! If you’re curious about it you can ask me about it!! Im currently finding a way to set up commissions with online currency as I can’t accept irl cash TTvTT


I’d like to one day run a site/help run a site like this one! My time here has been overall positive and I’d like to make my own positivity <3


Current fav songs:

  1. "House of Memories” by Panic! At the Disco
  2. “Adventure is Out There” by AJR
  3. "Saccharine" by Jazmin Bean
  4. "all i want is you" by Rebzyyx

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