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Hi! My name is karkat (not my actial name but..). I love making Kandi and im kinda chill scene/emo. I love cosplay, I really like punk and scene styles (even though they're hecka different from each other ), I really like mother mother, mcr, msi and bands along those lines (I can't think of anymore atm)I'm a big fan of homestuck and a karkat kinnie and im (at the time of writing this) working on a karkat cosplay, a gamzee cosplay and a genderbent jade cosplay. I also love old animatronics generally the band's like circus playhouse, the RAE,tex critter pizza jamboree and I'm hoping to learn of more old bands----'

So tl;Dr I have to many hobbies and interests for one person, lights out is a bop and look into some old animatronic bands <3------

If you like the Kandi I make or have any of the same interests as me feel free to send me a friend request! Also feel free to message me d:

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My Beq Perler Necklace And Troll Horn Goggles!!
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More Lizard
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New Long Tail Lizard
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Bead Lizard Army Progress
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Bead Lizards
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Kandi Multistitch Ghost Cuff
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