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Hey thereee!! I'm going to try n be more active on this site!! I'm more than open to making friends so if ur interested feel free to dm me :o3

I have discord and instagram if you'd prefer to talk on there :oD

here's some info about yours truly!:

I go by the names Dave or Jade and my pronouns r he/honk/joke/boing/it! But if you struggle with neos than just he/him is fine <3

I'm 13 !

some artists I like r Dot Dot Curve, Nickasaur, The Medic Droid, S3RL, Metro Station,Green Day, MCR, bokenCYDE, Blink-182, Pierce The Veil, Mommy Longlegs, They Might Be Giants, anddd possibly more that I can't think of at the moment!!

I really like Portal, Moral Orel, South Park, and Homestuck :o3

I love roleplaying (homestuck specifically but I can do OC's also) so hmu if you're interestedddd >;o3

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