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"Stop, wait, please do not fifty-one-fifty me For that thing I said about unaliving myself!"-Aryia - A session w/ my therapist

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023, 5:31 AM




Last online: 9-21-2023 5:46pm
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im a young child at heart i like cute childish patterns <3

i might make an etsy shop to sell kandi, i need feedback <3

(probs cant tho bc the money will go to my parents TwT)


Neurospicy(lol ADHD and slight autism)

I like to say srryz and lolz and i kinda do 2 for two/to/too

looking for friends!

Im trans/Agender He/Him/they/them/it/its/(any pet neos)

i like sanrio, Care bears, kandi(duh),Any form of art,clowns,monster,skulls,and mushrooms

i dress emo/scene/kid-core/and dark acadamia

p.s. im slightly dyslexic lolz

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