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"BUZZ 8UZZ" "Gotta look cute so they forget you do know Basic math"

Thursday Apr 22, 2021, 8:25 AM




Last online: 1-21-2023 3:19pm
  • Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them He/Him It/Its)
  • Dave Strider's Home Town, Texas..., Hell
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My biggest K1ns are(full list pending): Mituna Captor(homestuck), Narancia Ghirga, Doppio Vinegar(JJBA), Sun (Fnaf SB), Inosuke Hashibira(Demon Slayer), Guzma (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

current hyperfixation: Sonic the Hedgehog and Kandi!

last hyperfixation:Fnaf Security Breach!!

I am a Homestuck! Ive been in the fandom for like 7 years

I'm an Age and Pet regressor!

I sometimes type with a typing quirk, I have Tics stemming from Anxiety, and I have ADHD

my Spotify is linked, if you wanna give some of my playlists a listen!

I like JoJo's bizarre adventure :p like a loooot!

System safe space!

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Hello Kitty Cuff!!
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