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just saying, i probably wont be on here that much for a while, i havent had the motivation to make kandi recently so i dont need patterns, plus i didnt talk much anyways. not that im leaving, just not as consistently on here. to whoever sees this, see ya for now!

Wednesday Aug 3, 2022, 7:05 PM




Last online: 11-03-2023 5:43pm

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hi! i go by beetle, zero, paradox, phi, or sissel, and im a minor

my main interests rn are zero escape, ai:tsf, psychonauts, oneshot, professor layton, ghost trick, rhythm thief, worlds end club, ace attorney, pokemon, oc creation, cats, vocaloid, bugsnax, ptr/ujl, digimon, nsr and a lot more!!

if we share interests and you want to talk about it, or even just infodumping about something you like, feel free to send me a message, im always down to do so!! also feel free to add me on discord ( if you want to be friends!

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Mini Furbies!
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Neon J And 1010 Singles
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Bunk Bed Junction Singles
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DJ Subatomic Supernova, Sayu, And Yinu Singles
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NSR Singles
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