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currently sobbing internally :,)

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022, 10:03 AM




Last online: 11-15-2023 10:56am

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As you can tell from my username I'm a Nagito kinnie and I think that says a good bit already lmao

Current Hyperfixation: Hamilton bc yes

Kins (a few): Izuru Kamukura, Junko Enoshima, Kokichi Ouma, Ranboo, Tubbo, Technoblade (No I'm not okay lol)

I like MCR, Mother Mother, MSI, Palaye Royale, and iDKHOW (Although I listen to their music, I don't support MSI)

Aside from Danganronpa I also like Undertale, FNaF, DHMIS, DDLC, and the Dream SMP (I don't support some creators but I do support most)Btw since we're in our Hamilton unit in English II, I am hyperfixating on Hamilton

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Hajime + Kandi!!
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