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hi im carter or known on here scene cheryl! :D

Friday Sep 22, 2023, 12:33 PM




Last online: 5-14-2024 11:12am
  • Gender: genderfluid transmasc boyflux (fluid pronous but mainly he/they/it)
  • Tennesee, America
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  • my name iznt actually cheryl! lolz
  • my name is carter
  • im a zort of a advanced Kandi kid but I've been doing kandi like stuff for around a 2 years now
  • fandoms: helluva boss, south park, toh, gravity fallz, svtfoe, fnaf, papergirls, pony.mov, hazbin hotel, heartstopper, anne with an e, jake and johnie, danny gonzalez, etc
  • i use fluid pronounz but mainly he/they/it
  • im a tranz dude
  • !!!!!!! IM A MINOR !!!!!!
  • music taste: tfb, cavetown, taylor swift, musicals, icp, ect
  • small typing quirk. @=a z=s 1=i
  • random factz!!!!! im a thearte kid!!, i crochet, im a burnted out gifted kid, im not reallt scene but i LOVE kandi and the style

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