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★ i luv my bf so much XP ★ tara yummy iz a mindset ★

Monday Apr 22, 2024, 5:00 PM




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★ Haiiii my name iz Cosmo im a sille scemo n my pronouns r he/she/they/it n im a minor ★


★ kandi kid since 2019<3 ★

★ Music i luv: mcr (MCR IZ MY FAV BAND!!), ptv, lana del rey, The used, alesana, fob, the young veins (and patd but only afycso and pretty odd), the brobecks, pulp, radiohead, rebzyyx, luvwillow, 100 gecs, dorian electra, green day, icp, silent majority, cobra starship, pansy division, london after midnight, murderdolls, frank iero, against me! hawthrone heights, millionaires, get scared, 6arelyhuman, 3OH!3, soad, the cure, the smiths, evanescence, korn, slipknot, brokencyde, taking back sunday, mitski, fir, etf, sws, paramore, dot dot curve, all american regjectz, flyleaf, ismfof ★

★ random thingz i like: mcr, ldr, paswg, ohshc, sally face, invader zim, mlp, kandi(obviously), undertale/deltarune, drawing, piano/guitar, creepypasta, jake n johnnie n tara (like all of em ykwim), jerma985 (insert heart eye emoji lmaoo), scream, american psycho, saw, adventure time, the outsiders, stardew valley, lps, fnaf, south park, jersey shore, death note, monster high, fight club ★

★ alwayz feel free 2 send me a friend request!! i luv making new friendz :3 ★

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