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I’m a boy but in a Barbie kinda way~

Friday Jul 28, 2023, 6:01 PM




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Hiiiiii My name is Wolfy!!! I am 17yo and my pronouns are He/Him >_<

A little about me! (Totally not taken from my Tumblr bio)

♡-Music is my absolute favorite thing! Glam and Death metal are my favorite genres (Poison and Cannibal Corpse my beloved), but I'll listen to anything as long as the song's good!

♡-My biggest interest is adult animation! Adult Swim shows are my biggest inspo and I plan to hopefully make a cartoon of my own in the future!

♡-I am an absolute fiend for anything horror! I almost never not have a horror movie playing on my tv (I am a little bit of a snob about which ones though haha)

♡-I am mostly a self taught artist. Art classes have never really done anything for me, so god bless Deviantart tutorials.

♡-I'm a proud juggalo! Whoop Whoop \m/

(Pfp drawn by me! ^_^) (Also my Tumblr is linked but probably don’t follow me on there if we are not similar in age *-*)

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Someone Said That They Liked My Cuffs Today :3
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Drawing At Lunch
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Playboy Pen Holder
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