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wehh >:/

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024, 8:25 PM




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hi ∠( ᐛ 」∠)__

(bio + carrd currently under construction)

★ my name is Atlas (or Cronus), im 17, pronouns are he/they and i'm genderfluid

★ i've been making kandi for 5 years now

★ been hyperfixated on Homestuck for almost 6 years now lmao. also an Ampora kinnie and dragonhearted

★ INTP - Cancer (July 5th) - Enneagram Type 4

★ i love rock and roll music and indie stuff. and some musicals? also edm, stuff like MSI, just lots of stuff 0>0

★i love the inheritance cycle. please please please talk to me about magic and dragons. i dont like harry potter tho dont talk to me about harry potter >:/

★ some youtubers i like are markiplier, game grumps, oneyplays, supermega, jschlatt, and also stuff like trixie mattel and brittany broski?? lmao idk

★ i also love sanrio stuff. kuromi my beloved <3

★ dm me! trying to make new friends. also looking for people to play stuff online with (i love splatoon 3 fr)

DNI- basic dni stuff (phobes / ists), MAPS, zoos (yk who you are), proshippers, antifurs, antitherians, and non-traumagenic systems.

also anyone <13 pls don't dm me, ty!!

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