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did anyone else have a wappy dog as a kid??

Friday May 20, 2022, 11:23 AM




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switching this around SO much

i think garfield is very cool, im was also very interested in marine biology. it takes a while for me to start rambling about anything tho. ive liked awful hospital, homestuck (was extremely attached 2 the indigo bloods god knows why) and psychonauts in the past!! these r still pretty big interests fr me!! my memory is awful so i may forget things from time to time (i WILL forget who you are if u change usernames/pfps often) i really enjoy pokemon but i don't know much about the newer games pls feel free to talk about them tho (trapinch and joltik are my favorites rn but i really like magnemite too) miitopia was really fun also! ive had a ds since i was little so its my favorite thing to play stuff on ;3 also u will probably have to contact me first i dont like starting conversations very much sorry

music-wise i really liek folk punk songs + the smiths!! im not really picky tho ill switch between almost anything

:3 also i love animals sm show me pet pictures!!! /hj

(also i am a minor but i dont mind interacting with adults too much ˚▱˚")

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