Tell me about your OCs!

whimsicaldragon 6/11/2024 07:23 pm 296

I have SO MANY 513b55c735fb9_kao_smile.gif but I will share Zee! He is a science experiment and is a very silly guy, they are very much a comfort OC I made to have a simple OC to doodle always 513b9224dd6ba_heart_bounce.gif I also have a Splatoon AU of him, he is an experiment to make a living being out of ink! 513b55c72be51_kao_yes.gif


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Jun 23, 2024 8:12 am


Jun 22, 2024 10:14 pm

Lemme tell u about my girl lilac, she’s so silly and I luv her <3. Lilac is a sweet and energetic dilute brown tabby she-cat whom is good at not slacking off, she also has an accessory which is a flower right below her ea, words can’t explain how much I love herheart bounceheart bounceheart bounceheart bounceheart bounce

Jun 18, 2024 11:26 pm



Full Name: Baize Firestar-Shuriken Nyan Ashbear, but she just goes by Baize XP
Age: Ageless, but above 18 :3c
Gender: Female, JUST LIEK MEH XD
Species: Half wolf half human, but also part Nyan Cat, part animatronic, and part cat (Specifically the ones from Warriors X3)
Bio: ERMMM it's still a work in progress XDD But essentially Baize Ashbear iz an uber epik fangirl who luvs fandoms and being random XDD She has a bunch of friends (mostly the personas of meh other friendz X3) but y'know also a bunch dat r meh OCs XDD She's generally nice but also a bit cranky/grumpy similarly 2 Bloom from Winx Club :3c She's also RLLYYYY HYPER LIEK MEEEH XDD She has a bunch of kewl powerz dat she got from her mom Nyan Cat! :3c She can shoot liek energy beams from her handz, and can fly big grin She can also shapeshift >:3c She's also a ninja and has a bunch of ninja weapons dat she's rlly guud w/!!! She also has a rlly big epik scythe! XD She also has a dark form called Maize Tigerbunny, she's still a hella work in progress but if u get Baize angry enuff she'll turn into Maize and COMPLETELY change 2 being all evil and emotionless... O.o She's also happily married 2 William Afton, but has a bunch of different universe versions dat r married 2 different guys! :3c (e.g, my warriors persona Sparkleash is mates w/ Tigerstar, Blueblood and Sombra r fighting over meh MLP persona Night Watch, they're all Baize but none of them r Baize @ the same time... UHH MAGICC! XDD)

Have a piccy-wiccy of her :3c

Flowers in Chania

Jun 18, 2024 9:40 pm

i have two very consistent ones! my first is ambrose, who i call rosie for short, and i've been drawing them since i was nine. they're very feminine and they love blue. they have long almost tealish hair that ends in a point, pale white skin, and a long short sleeved blue dress. they're also always barefoot for some reason. (i think i just like drawing feet) they also have bird wings! they're fairly new to having wings so they can't fly, at least not very well or for long distances. overall, they're very optimistic and oblivious, kind of like a baby bird hehe.

My other OC is Erin! she has dark brown hair that's bleached at the midpoint and tied in a giant fluffy ponytail. she has beige skin and she loves purple and green! she has purple glasses and she always wears a light purple sweater and grey capris with a scarf. she wears sandals generally! she loves metalworking but can be very stubborn and cautious to a fault. both of them are also in love hehe. it's the besttt

I used to do that thing in car trips where you imagine them parkouring their way beside the car, jumping onto trees, riding adjacent cars, etc. these two got me through so many as a younger kid. just a cute little space for my gay fantasies.

Jun 17, 2024 8:00 am

yr oc is amazing lol!!

uh but i have like over200 that i still consistently draw that I've made since 5th grade o_o ig these are some of my favourites in no particular order?

Randy - main character of my webcomic. silly cat goober with pointy teeth. peak character design

Kira Obsidian - pirate lady with a nice hat and steel boots. likes to draw and repair human technology (she's a fae from another realm)

Luca Tempring - used to be a lucario, but I've had the oc for so long he's turned into a young man (HUMAN) who runs a flower shop with his father???? (his bf and bestie were a ninetales and skitty, but there human now too lmao)

Inky London-Rorcharch - another silly little cat goober, also from my webcomic. i feel like i can resonate with all of my characters a little bit, but inky in particular is extremely relatable for me <3

Jirachi Star - OK I HAVENT DRAWN HER IN A BIT BUT she's a shiny jirachi with a special scarf with stars on the ends and is the sweetest cinnamon roll ever

um but here's a brief summary of my webcomic that a couple of these characters are from (its on Scratch and it's called Shattered Mirrors. i think it's the most popular thing that pops up when you search for the title in their searchbar??)

in the town of Cucutown, thanks to an ancient blessing, all of it's residents are granted a magic ability from birth. (they can do other types of magic, but their ability is the type they're naturally better at) so there's this little guy (randy) who was supposedly born with a curse, which activated later on in life and allegedly caused a plauge. the Archmage, leader of their town + the magic council + doctor guy tried to stop this with a magic seal that would be extremely limiting to his power. therefore, randy's magic is much weaker. where before he could idk incinerate a fish for example, now he would struggle to light a candle.

many years later when he's 15, he gets a letter in the mail inviting him to an advanced magic academy. he agrees to go, (*KOFF KOFF* FORCED TO GO *KOFF*) and the moment he arrives there are already problems! will randy and his friends solve the mysteries of not only their school, but also their pasts?

no i didn't spend 40 minutes writing the summary, erm actually it was only 36 *nerd face* awesome1

Jun 16, 2024 5:26 pm

@jar_of_pickle: id read the comic

Jun 16, 2024 4:54 pm

@AidenIsBetterer: Ramble away > : D

Jun 16, 2024 4:29 pm

Zee is such a cool guy, love the little goober, awesome oc, 10/10

Oldest oc would probably be this goofy umbreon fursona, can change ring color according to mood. named her Bushviper for some odd reason. Was obsessed with bush viper snakes at the time, they're so cool n look like dragons

As for favorite oc, it would be Archee Cyvris, a burgundy alternian troll. They have these neat little tusks. Such a silly precious goofball <3 shame i have to traumatize them constantly for the sake of the plotline kao cry wanna make a comic about them but I'm terrified of judgement

Jun 16, 2024 4:22 pm

oh yo dont get me started when you say 'tell me about your ocs' ill spend like 3 hours typing out my character ryans whole effin story lmaoawesome1 (let me know if you want like the 'outline' of my character or smthrainbowsmile)

Jun 16, 2024 3:43 pm

@whimsicaldragon: some of my older OCs are inspired off of shows and games XD