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The rats crave sacrifice.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2024, 5:53 AM




Last online: 6-18-2024 6:31pm
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Hello Folks!!!

- I is the silly.

- Goblin >:3


- I like spookiness!

- I do the drawing

- I do the making of crafts

- Therian/Furry :3

-The bone grows..

-I like music from: lemon demon, tv girl, femtanyl, Sodikken

-I enjoy some specific songs from people that I can't remember the names of ;/

-I own a very small business called critter creations!

-I can do sign language, a bit of Spanish, a bit of Latin, and English {obviously

-game interests include: deltarune, portal, tf2, Mario kart 8, half-life.

-Oh yeah er I forgor but I skateboard and bike a lot so yeh ;]

Yeap idc if I'm cringe.

Profile pic drawn by meh!! (Ik it's not that gud lmao)

I forget thingz a lot sooo if the bio changes like twice a week yeh lolz



Pls have a bio so I know who I'm talking to, preferably a decent size.

Don't message me abt weird stuf like keep it safe for minors.

if I ever talk about personal things and it makez you uncomfortable, plz tell me and I shal stop.

All thankz for reading.

P.S check behind you.

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Hyena Mask <3
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Feeling Silly!!
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Kandi I Wear!
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Lil Duck :D
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