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-some bands i like :3

fob, ptv, sleeping with sirens, mcr, slipknot, bikini kill, nirvana, kittie, the cure, jack off jill, hole, le tigre, she wants revenge, deftones,the smashing pumpkins, soad, murderdolls, the front bottoms, riley!, weatherday, car seat headrest, my bloody valentine, slowdive, korn,get scared, the smiths, all time low, green day, rob zombie,

genres/subcultures i like

riot grrl, goth, punk, new wave, emo, shoegaze, midwest emo, grunge, queercore, pop punk, folk punk, scene, mall goth, metal, nu metal

i like so many more but i can't think



-gender is stupid :p

interests- mcr, emily the strange, subcultures, kandi, zines, alternative fashion, art,emo, sewing , riot grrrl, queercore, goth, punk, grunge, cryptids, bones, jewelry, outfits? midwest emo, art, dan and phil :3

furry :3

i <3 being cringe :3

idk what to put here

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