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“ I'm fine with changing status quo, but not in letting go Now the world is being torn apart A terrible catastrophe played by your symphony What a terrifying work of art I can't sit idly, no, I can't move at all I curse the name, the one behind it all”

Monday Jul 1, 2024, 3:56 PM




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Hi my name is Astrophel! Call me Astro! Here is a little bit bit about me!


Married to the freaking SUN (taken) I love you!

My favorite colours are Green and Black

I love music! some of my favorite bands are; Pierce the veil, My chemical Romance, Poison the well, the fall of Troy, Centinex, the Beatles, twenty-one pilots, and a ton more but that kind of gives you my music taste…I think…I also really really like vocaloid music

I have been making Kandi for half a year and I really enjoy it my favorite ones to make are Ties and ufo cuffs I’m most proud of my two rotating cuffs

I love cats

Theriotypes; Silver fox and Turkish van cat

I love Astronomy my favorite planet is Neptune because…BLUE

I am learning ASL

I like skateboarding sometimes (when it’s not 100 degrees outside)

I like Pokémon my favorite Pokémon is Umbreon

I like to write poetry sometimes all though not that good

I love jumping and this is getting very long with a ton of information nobody asked for SO! I hope y’all have a great day!

Be kind to all and spread positivity <3


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