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Thursday May 16, 2024, 2:16 AM




Last online: 5-26-2024 2:45pm
  • Gender: I've given up caring (any pronouns idc)
  • Middle Of Nowhere, Nunya
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tend to send friend requests to random people i find cool

u don't have to accept them idc sorry if its annoying


not very active on here so sorry if i dont respond to messages right away


17, please don't be weird


Dersite, mage/bard? of mind (Ew gross, a homestuck)


Insane in pretty much every way: alterhuman, catholic, asd


Theriotypes: omnitherian

Other kintypes: alternian troll, specifically kankri, and archee (fantroll)


Fandoms: homestuck, invader Zim, mphfpc, furries, murder drones, meta runner, pokemon, hyun's dojo, uuuuhghgh there's more but I'm having a spinny loading screen moment.


Hobbies: crochet/ knitting, birding, and drawing. Especially birds, they're easy because they're round lol


Favorite music artists: tally hall and its side projects (ofc), shady cicada, tensei music, toby fox, Frederic chopin, halley labs, uuuh and a bunch of other random stuff I don't remember, doesn't matter ig

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