if u want us to make u a kandi pattern send us a message on here!!11!1!!!1

kandikibbi 6/18/2024 08:24 am 688


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Jun 22, 2024 10:01 pm

hiiieee if you could, could you make anything laufey inspired? Tyyyy kao happy

Jun 22, 2024 5:53 pm


Jun 22, 2024 12:45 pm

@ammonite: ofc!! pls PM me so we can talk more!

Jun 22, 2024 4:52 am

i really like nautiluses and think they’re a neat aanimal… if u want you could make a nautilus cuff or perler or somethin!!!!! :-)

Jun 21, 2024 10:58 pm

haiii!!! I really want sugarcubs kandi but can’t find any patterns and I have a hard time making them myself! (Cuff or perler) I wanna make matching stuff with my bf:3 we use them on messenger a lot and I think it would make him happy:3(sorry if tmi)happy tbh jump

Jun 21, 2024 1:52 pm

@Sc3n3_Qw33n_: ofc!! pls PM bc I have some questions!! :3

Jun 20, 2024 8:27 pm

I made these new googles with a color scheme of black, a hot pink, and dark green, https://kandipatterns.com/photo-page/my-new-google... however, I wanna make a mask for it, but I dunno what to do! I have like, 17 dark green and and if I mix two hot pinks together, 40 something but he one I originally used has 14 left!I got a bunch more of the black, but I still want it to have a pop of color. Sorry if I'm asking for too much! heart bouncetbh jump

Jun 20, 2024 4:29 pm

@kandikibbi: Thank you so much!!!! <3

Jun 20, 2024 7:13 am
@meowcatmeow: you bet! just message me so I can ask some questions!
Jun 20, 2024 7:13 am
@SK3L3T0N_K1D: OFCCC I luv Squidward! pls message me so we can talk abt it further!