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luv u Xavier!!!1!!!111!!

Thursday Jun 13, 2024, 2:20 PM




Last online: 6-30-2024 6:29pm
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  • Concord, Nh, Usa
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hello we are the eco system!

taking pattern suggestions!! just message us!!!

alters that front:

Venus/jax - og body, 14, abroromantic asmexual, any pronouns

vex - protector, ageless, aroace, it/thing/ender/creature

islak - caretaker, ageless, les, she/hex/wit/deer/crystal

angel dust - sexual protector, 16, MLM, he/they/it

mikan tsumiki - bully trauma holder, 17, les, she/it/needle/blood

violet - child trauma holder, 4, straight, she/her

lilac - neglect trauma holder, 6, straight, she/her

alters that don't front:

Valentino - no role, ageless, pan, he/it/pimp

Sam - no role, 26, bi, she/her

toby - little, 2, straight, he/it/pup

Parrish - soother, 19, bi, any pronouns

daze - protector, 15, aroace, any pronouns

aden - no role, 17, he/him

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