needing some extra help !!!

CarrionCircus 12/4/2023 01:46 am 411

haalloorr!!! :3 sooouuu i’ll get to the point, ive been viewing other kandi stuff via the internet for some ideas.. n i found some that i needed some guidance with !!

gas masks, right? i reaaally wanna try to make one, but ive never done perlers + i dont have the supplies to make the canisters. ive recently found some with canisters that were non-perler bead!!! i already know how to make the basic cuff, but would like sum help anyone could explain how to make the top, thanks !! :-)

second thing is a knife handle thingy, i already have a knife charm hut would like to try to make a 3d one !! ive, like always, stumbled over something silly n found a 3d knife handle. which amazed me !! i wanted to try it sososo bad !!!!! i would also need some help on that, but mainly where it just pops out at the end!!




both found on pint ^_^

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Dec 18, 2023 10:42 am

@goodsoup: i know, thank you !! w03

Dec 17, 2023 1:09 pm

@CarrionCircus: also the mask part is peyote

Dec 17, 2023 10:52 am

@max_luvs_noone: eeek im so late !!! but yes i remember that video ! i will try it out, thank u ! :3

Dec 11, 2023 2:58 pm

The knife looks like a really tall and thin multistitch!

Dec 11, 2023 5:31 am

I think the canister tops were made with a modified circular peyote stitch? Mood Kandi's Necklace of Holding tutorial (youtube) has a decent explanation of it, but you're gonna wanna use 3 beads at the start of it instead of one like she does (that'll make more sense when u actually watch the tutorial)

Dec 10, 2023 9:53 pm

I think the canisters are similar to a star, 8 bead ring and then build on it from there!!

As for the knife, I’d recommend looking at a tut for a 3D rainbow (Kandi Kadet has a pretty good one) or else a tut for a tube cuff!!!

Hope these help rainbowsmile