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i ̶e̶a̶t̶ collect pencil shavings

Sunday Feb 25, 2024, 3:01 PM




Last online: 2-25-2024 10:09pm
  • Gender: 2004 gerard way (he/him (pronouny: ))
  • Should Be, In, Therapy
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this is a more basic bio, if you want more detail just go to my rentry (link in profile below the location and gender stuff!)

(pssst my rentry includes my dni + byi so please check that out cus i dont wannt accept friend requests from ppl on my dni)

profile last updated: 2/9/2024 (mm/dd/yyyy) (any date on this profile will be in this format)


-Name: Max or Way

-Gender: Boyflux

~~Current Pronouns: he/him

-Sexual+romantic orientation: Aroaceblur (a term i coined, this has info on it ), Omni-oriented

~~Relationship status: Single, might be interested in QPRS or maybe even dating but idk

-i'm neurodivergent and depressed, please bear with me and use tone tags n stuff (though im probs not gonna be as active on here anymore. /lu)

-Age: 14

~~Bday: october 11

~~Started making kandi when i was: 11 or 12

~~Joined site on: 3/1/2023(?)

~~Zodiac sign for those who wanna know: Libra

-Stuff i can’t think of a category for: INTP, Atheist, American(yeehaw /j)

-Current main interests: me + my friend's band, art, hazbin hotel, MCR

~~Artists/bands i listen to: MCR, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Weezer, paramore. I'm trying to listen to more bands this year cus -.*hyperfixation*.-

-Alt acc(rarely online): @xBL00DandG0RR3x

-Btw if you try to message me it won’t work unless you’re a mod.

-my username is a reference to an MCR song

im more active on scratch (_-AX3-_)

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