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  • Gender: ☿ Nonbinary (He/They/She)
  • Alberta, Canada
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⋆ ☆˚。⋆ “radio stations, their faders in dust, all their transmitters are crumbling with rust” ⋆˚。☆⋆


✮ Hai! I’m a name hoarder who goes by Raptor, Oyen and Whiskey, but most commonly Raptor :P ✮ I’m a white Canadian diagnosed with ADHD, Depression and general anxiety, but it’s heavily suspected that I also have Autism ✮ I like to draw, write, learn, perform, sit on my phone for hours and make props ✮ I’m an absolute newb when it comes to Kandi X3 but I’m learning fast!! ✮ I make a lot of patterns for myself and/or based on my fixations, but I don’t mind people making, or editing them!! ✮ If ur wanting to stalk me or something for whatever reason, my Pinterest should give you a good idea of how chronically online I am :P ✮


ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♥︎ Thingz I Leik ♥︎ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ

★ Amusement Parks and Attractions

⋆ Alton Towers


⋆ Disneyland

★ Video Games

⋆ FNaF

⋆ Minecraft

⋆ Splatoon


★ Movies

⋆ Christine

⋆ The Brave Little Toaster

⋆ Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

⋆ Little Shop of Horrors

⋆ Twenty Minutes Into The Future

★ Music

⋆ Sparks

⋆ The Buggles

⋆ The Art of Noise

⋆ Oingo Boingo

⋆ Gorillaz

⋆ The Living Tombstone

⋆ Cyriak

⋆ Igorrr

✮ Pop Culture History

✮ Horror

✮ Zoology

✮ Dinosaurs

✮ Max Headroom

✮ Medical History



▼ I can be incredibly impulsive, please lmk if I ever cross any boundaries of any kind ▼ I get stuck infodumping very easy ▼ I tend to use "bro" "dude" and "man" as gender neutral terms ▼ I have insanely bad sensory issues when it comes to sound and smell ▼ ⚘ ceasefire.


ok I think thats it bye •⩊•

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