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listen to this though. you got a bunch of meat right? you want to put it in your body in a better way. what do you do? you put it in a weird sock. alright? you put in a weird sock you cook it up on a skrittle? skittle? sk-skrittle? hold on that's not it. griddle? GRIDDLE! wait what's the- what's the one that starts with an s? skimmer? a ske- ske-ske- ske-? im super serious right now. this is really bad. a skid- a sc- a skrittle a skid- a skir- a skib- a skibble? no. what is it? tell me. a skittle, a skidder a sk- scratch sk- skr- oh. A SKITTLE. wait ski? skid? a scare- skir- skirttle-. SKRITTLE! i'm getting there. skilltree. skid- skillturtle. skills. i'm a hundered percent. oh my god a hundred oh my god. skilllllltree. skill.... SKILLET! matching status w/ domithekingoffools

Monday Jan 10, 2022, 11:04 AM




  • Gender: demiboy? agender? idrk (it/its)
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hi!! i'm max :) im not as active on here as i used to be, but if u dm or smth i will def respond. im always up to make friends >:D

pls talk to me about cardcaptor sakura i luv it so much /pos

i'm really interested in sk8 the infinity, tbhk, tokyo 24th ward, baking, making kandi (duh), drawing, and listening to music!

i also really like video games. acnh, ace attorney, splatoon, minecraft, little nightmares one and two, undertale/deltarune, fnaf, and sally face >:0

if u ever wanna play games together just dm me and we can figure out when :)

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My Pinkie Pie Necklace!!
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Sundrop Cosplay!!
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My Sundrop Mask!
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