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“la perfección no existe, eres hermoso como eres coraje, con todas tus imperfecciones lograras lo que quieras, Te lo juro por Diegito Maradona”

Tuesday Feb 8, 2022, 10:43 AM




Last online: 12-02-2022 11:35am
  • Coyhaique, (Vida Tercermundista Babe), Chile
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wenass i’m antito, proveniente del mejor país de Chile, hermano

I like use neutral pronouns but these actually don’t exist in my country so I generally use feminine pronouns :/ I would be happy if you used them. I’m a aro/ace person also

I really like animated series :D

sometimes i speak in a kind of spanglish, sorry for that

Perdón pero me verán hablando con caleta de referencias/sorry but I speak with many references

just to clarify things, many times in the forums I mention a “drugged” state, but is it a bad translation? in Spanish it would be that I am in a “volada” state, but there’s no a good adaptation of this word (I have ADHD and ASD and the state "volada" is the combination of these two with the age regression)

Piensen en mi estado volada como la kaguja chiquita de love is war

Es un estado que amo, que tiende a ser divertido, es que no mbre a veces soy una cosa pero bárbara.

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