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"I'm stuck in this fxcking rut,waiting on a second hand pick me up and I'm over getting older"

Thursday Sep 29, 2022, 5:12 PM




Last online: 2-23-2023 6:54pm

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  • ☠ He/It ♪ Teen ♪ Lee/Neon/Toby ♪ Scenemo w/ interest in punk ☠
  • I've been making kandi for around 2-ish years and have no idea how many pieces i own, but i have made three bags!
  • Writer, Learning photographer, [Ex] Pianist [or like 4-5yrs]
  • I hope to learn maybe sax or french horn soon![maybe also flute]
  • I have way to many interests/fandoms and i love to talk abt them w/ ppl when i get the chance!
  • 80s-2000s, Horror, Animatronics, Kandi, Junk journaling, Beanie babies, Invader zim, Vampire shitz, Skelanimals, Etc


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