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" The remains of my wasted youth- this wasted time on you has left me shaking in waiting, shaking in waiting for something more. -All Time Low "

Monday Nov 6, 2023, 10:43 PM




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  • Lee/Neon - He/It - teen/minor - scenemo w/ interest in rock/metal/punk - adhd + dyslexia
  • Writer, learning photographer, pianist[ex], small buissness owner.
  • I've been making kandi for around 3-ish years n have no idea how many pieces i own but i do know ive made 3 bags and alotta big cuffs!!!:D
  • I'm currently living with funky lil turtles who are not only ninjas but also teenagers[tmnt] on my brain n I now fully understand what a brainrot fixation is[I've experienced this so many timez but dangggg]
  • but seriously ive been hype fixating on tmnt for like 7+ months after years of not even remembering my old fixation with it as a kid- but plz talk 2 me abt it if u wanna-- also i think Raph iz probs my fav in atleast 2k12 n maybe mutant mayhem!
  • I have wayyy 2 many interestz n fandomz but i love 2 talk bout em w/ ppl when i get/am given the chance!
  • Sum of my interestz are: TMNT. Invader Zim, Vampire shitz [TVD, Interview w a vampire, etc], Helluva Boss, Skelanimals, 80s-2000s, Horror [gamez,movies,etcetc], Kandi, Junk journaling, Beanie babies, older tech, alotta dif music artists, etc etc
  • hhh n feel free 2 msg me!! i luv talkin 2pplz n meetin new cool pplz!! [sry in advanced if im a bit awkward at 1st! though i like meetin new cool pplz that i share intrests with i still tend 2b b a bit awkward with new pplz at first or just general lolz]
  • pfp creds-hhh mutant mayhem moviee lolz
  • idk what else to put on here:,]]
  • ooo alsi if any1 wants 2 check out or read any of my works/stories ya can find em on my tumblr [i also take writing/one shot/hcs/other requests on there!!] or on Qoutev! [both r linked on here!]
  • or u can find em on ao3[ne0ncl0udzz]!!:P
  • hh also imma just put my spacehey here bc itz coolz! [ne0nlightzz
  • ohh yeahh n i also run a small shop with my older sister!! we've been in the works since 2020 and will hopefully start selling our stuff soon!! [our shop is 'GlitterLizard' we'll be selling handmade fux leather bows and other fux leather things, alotta different resin things [key chains, earring, n alot more! they are also all very glittery and are all hand painted and just handmade in general!] and we'll also have a ton more! [ill possibly being selling more complex cuffs when we open up for those who cant or struggle with making larger cuffs!]

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