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the boogus :: home (f: champ)

Sunday Dec 4, 2022, 12:17 AM




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giovanni, sydney, champ, etc. etc. longer name list linked in my rentry. please read it before friending me

my DNI is p much just the usual criteria (no p//dos and such) except for people who still financially support JKR and people who follow/support biggest-gaudiest-patronuses (they're a creepy weirdo)

this account is mainly used by the host, but others will tag with their names! host (Champ) (me lmao) doesn't tag anything

don't only use he/him for me, please! at least occasionally use my other pronouns :o) /nm /lhinterests: pokemon, camp here-and-there, inside job, sailor moon, the legendary starfy/densetsu no stafy, ensemble stars

character in my PFP is Glitchy Red, drawn specifically by @gmodlover49 on Twitter. i love glitchy red. i love steven strangled red also. country boy i love youuuu /ref

i'm 16. don't be creepychampion of overthinking about the pokemon universe. most recent BDG-style ramble topic: the pokemon storage system and if pokemon can be corrupted in boxes

scene clown

i'm the creature ever

i use a lot of tone indicators with people i'm not close with

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