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justice for predstrogen (f: champ)

Monday Feb 19, 2024, 11:13 PM




Last online: 4-21-2024 6:44am

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gio/champ, host of the wahoo.ra(w)r sys. body and self 17 years old

interests: petal crash (PLAY PETAL CRASH !! /nf), nintendo DS family of systems, DSIWARE/WIIWARE <3 <3 <3, mlp (vinyl scratch best pony), pokemon, camp here-and-there, inside job, sailor moon, the legendary starfy/densetsu no stafy, kid icarus: uprising, sanrio, horror movies, arcade tokens, and amusement/theme parks

PLEASE ask me about dsiware/wiiware/real bad shovelware btw. i have a whole sideblog for games like that on tumblr the url is gamestop-compendium and i love to share my opinions on this kinda thing bc ive been invested in shovelware since i was a little bittle tadpole

icon by @gmodlover49 on twitter (currently x)

scene queer disabled autistic furry. very loud about it and my interests. if you dont like that then feel free to leave

lgbtq rights, acab, free palestine

i block whoever i want whenever i want because i love to curate my online space

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