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I'm Valentine <3 most folks call me Val, and it shrinks even more to just V! I have all sorts of nicknames from all sorts of people, but I prefer if you'd call me, Val.

I'm 23 years old my pronouns are she/they | I'm a Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon, and a Scorpio rising | and I am also an INFP | does this mean anything to you?... It does me ^^

I also dable in tarot readings and palmistry, but its only because it's a great form of self reflection and knowing who you are as an individual... But I won't rable on about my interests just yet, who am I?

I'm someone who's a little bit everywhere, and sometimes nowhere at all. but really, I'm just right here! So far the only social media I keep up to date with is, Instagram aaaaaaaaannnd... Here? Sometimes. Ive had many places where I've posted my art and who I am but Ive faided away from those platforms long ago.

Being on the Internet was so easy as a 16 year old kid! And now, it's just gotten more unattractive over time as I've grown up. As I've matured. I don't like to be every where at once anymore. I want to be right here.

I thinks that's why I adore this site. It's a wonderful escape from regular society media while also still feeling like it was back in my old internet-deviant art chapter!

I cherish everyone who resides here, and I adore the wonder and unique art that radiates from here. It feels excessive to say all that, but it's true! Everyone here and who uploadeds their own creations, bursts with creative talents your mind has yet to explore.

It's always nice to be around creative energy and find people to share your thoughts with. I am always open to chatting about creative topics and ideas about; kandi projects, art or even cosplay! But I would also like to emphasize...

Miniors. y'all are safe to comment on my post involving any tips or questions or even credit permissions on patterns. But please, do not directly message me asking to be friends or wanting to daily chat with me. I do not appreciate it.

I do accept all friend requests. I don't see any harm with just letting those know I appreciate them as well for the follow, but I typically do not go out of my way to comment or interact with others in general. I would prefer to keep to myself. I will typically ask for interaction on posts or be replying to comments on said posts.

With that being said, I'm not that hard to reach. Shoot me a message if you have any questions. I'll see it when I can. I work 8 hour shifts- 5 days a week and I am always exhausted and In pain but I will always get to you when I can, when I am ready <3

But do not worry about my health, if it was a concern you had? The force that took me away from social media as well, was trying to find a good; work, life, heath and spirituality balance. It's is not easy =w= I am terrified of taxes!!! But because of work I'll never run low on medicine

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Layce The Lunar Moth
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