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ARE YOU GRUMPY OR ARE YOU COMFY DO YOU WANNA HUMP ME DO YOU THINK IM UGLY DO YOU LOVE ME DO YOU WANT MY COMPANY ARE YOU HUNGRY DO YOU NEED SOMEBODY- /lyr| backend of a bpd episode, nothing harmful said should be taken seriously | 89 days | Front: algae, godforbid and bob

Wednesday Dec 7, 2022, 12:29 PM




Last online: 11-30-2022 6:08am
  • Gender: whatever godforbid from THD has going on (he/him collectively (zipper/cat neos/crying/gore/isaac neos))
  • Sweden
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OSDD-1b + BPD system. Omnisexual (pref to men and xenogenders), polyamourous, trans nonbinary man. he/it collectively. charlie/sans works collectively.

Basic DNI criteria, Anti-MOGAI, If you can't handle horror, Anti-self dx or anti-sign off for systems that are self dx, (will update later)

soft dni on ppl who use ";-;" in more serious contexts, not getting into why x-x

@Orion_Rudra >> 19/08/22 (lets see how long this goes /j)

@Olives_In_Milk >> 22/11/22 (:D)

may have slow responses for some people and really quick for others. we deal with a variation of things that can make us prioritise weirdly or focus on people. its not against you if you are lower on the prioritisation, we cant help it.

likes: THAT HANDSOME DEVIL (hyperfix), MY LITTLE PONY, Undertale, Deltarune, Slimecicle, Ted, EpicSMP, FNAF, Pokemon, Yokai, Sanrio, Ur Mom Jokes (i'm pathetic, i know B) ), Weirdcore, Kidcore, Kandi, Drawing, Writing, Xenogenders, Neopronouns and more we're forgetting, girls rituals/mom/black dresses/other aliases of them,

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