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not my brain choosing which FP to text the most like im choosing what drink i want | front: algae

Thursday May 26, 2022, 9:44 AM




Last online: 5-27-2022 4:37am
  • Gender: male nonbinary (he/him collectively (zipper/cat neos/crying/gore/isaac neos))
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OSDD-1b + BPD system. Omnisexual (pref to men and xenogenders), trans nonbinary man. he/it collectively. charlie/vegas/smog/obsess/isaac works collectively.

Basic DNI criteria, Anti-MOGAI, If you can't handle horror, Anti-self dx or anti-sign off for systems that are self dx, (will update later)

may have slow responses for some people and really quick for others. we deal with a variation of things that can make us prioritise weirdly or focus on people. its not against you if you are lower on the prioritisation, we cant help it.

likes: MY LITTLE PONY AND PARODIES <3, (special interest!!!!!) Undertale, Deltarune, Slimecicle, Ted, EpicSMP, FNAF, Pokemon, Yokai, Sanrio, Ur Mom Jokes (i'm pathetic, i know B) ), Weirdcore, Kidcore, Kandi, Drawing, Writing, Xenogenders, Neopronouns (xenogender and neos are a hyperfixation rn) and more we're forgetting, girls rituals/mom/black dresses/other aliases of them,

Charlie/Slimecicle/Slime (Youtube, EpicSMP, SCU, Chuckle Sandwich etc, He/They/It/Slime/Goop/Little/Poker/Chip/Casino/Card/Black Jack/Jackpot/Apple/God/3/+ any casino or cat neos, Host, Coach, Comedian)

Jschlatt/Schlatt/J/Jay/Schlatte/Ram (Youtube, EpicSMP, SCU, Chuckle Sandwich etc, He/They/It/Ram/Horn/Red/God/Control/3/Bite, Finance Manager, Host, Protector) (he's not like irl schlatt, we dont know the schlatt drama but either way, ram is not offensive, please remember to be respectful to fictives/factives despite their source <3)

Ted Nivison/Ted/Teddy/Milk/Milk Man/Calc (as in Calcium)/Bone (Youtube, EpicSMP, SCU, Chuckle Sandwich etc He/They/It/Milk/Cow/Calf/Food/Care/3/God, Co-Host, Caregiver, Health Manager)

Sans/Blue/Classic (Undertale, He/They/It/Bone/Star/Skull/Sleep/Blue/Sans, Somnoian and Soother)

Algae/Oxeye/Daisy (Daylight SMP/Moonlight SMP/Dusk/Dawn SMP (personal MC servers), He/They/It/Slime/Goop/Click/Boop/Shwap/Oxeye/Daisy/Clock/Tick/Time, Companion and Soother)

Cosmo/Star (introject of @13Killz's Star Guy character He/They/It/Star/Threat/Grey, Coach and Avenger)

Faint (introject of @13Killz's Faint character He/They/It/Slime/Smoke/Grease/Grey/Green, unknown role)

Retro (introject of @13Killz's Retro character, He/They/It, unknown role)

Cookie (He/They/It/ + any neos that aren't femme, role unknown, used to be a Host)

Sans/Blue/Classic (Undertale, He/They/It/Bone/Star/Skull/Sleep/Blue/Sans, Somnoian and Soother)

Valokant/Valo (Our world Corla, He/They/It/Green/Blade/Demon/Hunt/Emerald, Companion, Soother and Sexual Protector/Deals with hypersexuality)

Zatharias/Zath/Threat (Our world Corla, He/They/It/Blue/Zatharias/Lich/Knight/Scourge/Death/Blade, Caretaker and Avenger)

C/Charlie/Catboy Charlie/Cat (Our world Corla, He/They/Meow/Mew/Cat/Kitty/Fluff/Hush/+ any cat neos, Caretaker)

Rainbow Dash/Dash/Dashie (MLP, She/They/Rainbow, unknown role, possible coach)

Diffic/Di (He/They/Rainbow/Fun, syskid, regress)

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