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My name is Isabelle and I'm goth :D, I'm 16 years old and im bisexual and genderfluid

I started kandi in the summer of 2019 but really started getting into kandi and making different cuffs and other things in October of 2020. I'm on here quite often so if you ever wanna message me to talk to me or vent to me (i know how feeling like you have no one to talk to feels so im here <3) feel free to do so :) (I'd also suggest maybe messaging me on Instagram I understand the messaging stuff more on there)

Also, if you ever use one of my patterns and wanna post it anywhere on social media please tag me (social media's that I'm frequently on are listed above) and/or credit me or send me a photo through dm's I love to see when people make the patterns I originated myself <3

I like:

•Kandi (obviously)


•Ghost bc

•Melanie Martinez


•Basing my personality off the riddler lol

(basically my comfort people):





...and a lot of other things as well, you'll probably see most of my other interests on my Instagram and other socials so go follow them <3

Also DNI with me if youre homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, racist, ableist, don't respect peoples pronouns, if you fake disorders of any kind (its not cool or cute like stop), or if you support something or someone that puts anyone in danger just for who they love or the color of their skin or applies to anything I first listed in my dni list

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Sun/moon Cuff <3
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