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"Her name was Yes but we called her Uh-Huh, hangin' with the girl named Blah Blah Blah. There goes everybody, and I'm so sick of them. Who needs enemies when you've got friends? BAWLH! Disco City! Uh huh-huh, uh huh! Disco City! Uh! Stand up, let's go, multidimensional. Headphonosexual, dance floor dress code!" - Disco City by That Handsome Devil | days: 0!! | algae, faint, arachno, star, retro, bb

Thursday Sep 14, 2023, 10:33 PM




Last online: 6-20-2024 2:40am
  • Gender: whatever godforbid from THD has going on (he/him collectively (cat neos, slime neos, thd neos, corla neos))
  • Skåne, Sweden
  • Profile Views: 14,727

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DID system, have BPD, there's your warning. Omnisexual (pref to men and xenogenders), polyamourous, trans nonbinary xenogendered man. he/it collectively. charlie/sans/sodapop works collectively.

Basic DNI criteria, Anti-MOGAI, If you can't handle horror, (I’ll most likely check against your criteria before accepting friend requests

strong dni on ppl who use ";-;" in more serious contexts, you'll just be blocked idc anymore (was originally a soft dni but now what caused this happened twice, stop)

may have slow responses for some people and really quick for others. we deal with a variation of things that can make us prioritise weirdly or focus on people. its not against you if you are lower on the prioritisation, we cant help it.

likes: yokai watch, the binding of isaac (special interest), my world corla (special interest), THAT HANDSOME DEVIL, MY LITTLE PONY, Undertale, Deltarune, Taiko, Romeo and Juliet, Slimecicle, Ted, EpicSMP, FNAF, Pokemon, Yokai, Sanrio, Ur Mom Jokes (i'm pathetic, i know B) ), Weirdcore, Kidcore, Kandi, Drawing, Writing, Xenogenders, Neopronouns and more we're forgetting, girls rituals/mom/black dresses/other aliases of them, will wood, lemon demon

I’m really autistic about red foxes

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