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Working on some panels...wish me luck!

Tuesday Apr 6, 2021, 6:53 AM




Last online: 3-24-2021 2:16am
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I just started kandi and perler in about 2020 to keep busy, and want to learn to how to get better!

He/Him or They/Them pronouns.

Survived....I D.I.D. that (yes I'm part of a system)

Schizophrenia, ticks, nerve damage, autism

I love to talk to people but I'm v awkward and weird

I am terrible at making kandi and perler but I try!

I LOVE snakes, fish, and other "creepy crawly"/exotic animals.

I have some many fandoms, I couldn't possibly list them all here sorry m8 (She-Ra, AOT, Deathnote, Black Butler, Villanious/Black Hat, HP, YTers, Yandere Sim, Undertale, FNAF,, Slime Rancher, ACNH, Marvel, Cinder series, Tremors/Graboids, SOUE/Lemony Snicket, and more!)

Drag queen!!

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My First UFO Cuff!
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Made My Snake!
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