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i dont know WHO YOU ARE and i dont CARE who you are. MY NAME IS TOBY.

Monday Nov 7, 2022, 9:54 PM




Last online: 1-23-2023 12:06pm

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helo i m toby or bo or beau theyre said the same way but yea

my current interests are music and any form of jewelry but mostly perlers / kandi

im currently very into: deftones, ptv, radiohead, csh, alex g, hjol, title fight, slowdive, whirr, slipknot, duster, teen s--cide, cavetown, pretty sick, modern baseball, the smiths, foo fighters, weezer, have a nice life, mazzy star, la dispute, microwave, crystal castles, bjork, excuse 17, boa

[so many artists but i also constantly have my headphones in so my veins are probably earphone wire at this point]

i forget about this site sometimes and im not very active but im trying my best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i love homestuck and sally face and my little pony and analyzing poetry/song lyrics ok thank you for reading goodbye and goodnight maybe

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