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I'm backkkkkk.

Saturday Apr 30, 2022, 1:48 PM




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Hi!!!!!!! My name is Goose/Miles (Miles is my middle name). I'm ftm and gay. I'm a femboy. I like cookies and monster energy and anime and I've been making kandi since August 2020! I don't have any socials because my parents are really strict :(. I use emoticons a lot. I don't post any patterns because most of the things I make are quite similar to patterns that have been posted. I really want a cat but my parents won't let me get one :(. I'll answer to short messages but I won't have long conversations. I age regress to about 5ish. I'm 13 so plz don't friend/message me if you're an adult. Other than that I will accept basically all friend requests. <3

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