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Hey bro, we get it, your style is sick I know cause you went shirtless in your profile pic. You took it off while at a party to show your tattoos at the b33r pong table where you never lose. Cause you're your own biggest fan and the only one you've got. Nobody think it's cool when you peel out in the parking lot of your high school where you graduated six years ago. Hey dude, hey bro, you will always be a d0ucheb@g. You will always be a d0ucheb@g. There's a nine in ten chance you've got a tribal tattoo. Girl says damn that boy can dance, now he's a rival to you. Hit the beach but never swim wearing jeans in the gym. In to every club you go it's fourloko, fourloko. Take a protein shake with a jager bomb shot, tell your best friend Blake you think his mother is hot (his mother is hot. Drinking Jose all day party in here, you drink mad b33rs. Every night I pray to God that you never reproduce. The last thing that we need on this earth is someone like you, It's not high school, man, you graduated six years ago. Hey dude, hey bro, you will always be a d0ucheb@g

Saturday Nov 11, 2023, 5:06 PM




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Taken <3

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This is a song about the way you make me shake, you got me thinking on those nights I lie awake You got me nervous about the love that we don't make. This is a song about the way you make me shake. You've got me wondering if you ever lie awake, you've got me nervous about the chances I don't take. Just take my heart because it's yours to hold and yours to break, the way you make me shake. Now that you've got me where you want me it's on me to be the best that I can. I'll bring the bread because girl you the jam. A sight for sore eyes it's your eyes that keep me moving at night, I'd be willing to fight. You've got me fighting through the winter, whoa you got me waiting for the summer you sun to shine. You got me waiting on the weather. You got me waiting for the fall to make you mine oh baby, if you love me show a sign

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